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About Pocket PM

Pocket PM was born of necessity

Bronius Motekaitis, a software developer of web-based solutions wanting to formally change lanes into Product Management, needed to build a portfolio of specific and measurable experience, so this consultancy was launched. His reason for switching careers was to be able to fully immerse himself and confidently add more value to the projects and world around him. He found a few, common threads throughout his career and personal life: Always looking past the facade, he asks the questions:

  • Is this the optimal solution?
  • Does this solution solve its intent?
  • Is the intent right for the customer/product/business strategy?
  • What about this UI/UX can be improved?
  • How can we make this solution stickier for the customers we want?

As an engineer alone, it was not always the place to ask any such questions.

As a servant leader, there was not a lot of value placed on empathy in engineering.

Pocket PM is quickly evolving

What began as a solo, Fractional Product Manager for contract concept is quickly growing into a small cohort of freelancing PMs and POs. It is also becoming a community hub for new PMs and POs to connect and learn, share tips and wins, and network to collaborate on jobs/contracts.

Fractional Product Consultancy Software

And every entrepreneur recognizes that necessity is the mother of all invention! The software needs of a part-time or “fractional product manager” and that market are very different than the large players require or can afford. While we build out our workflows and toolsets, we incorporate them into our own SaaS platform that other independent consultants can also use.

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